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Hoi Koen,

In het UK is men op dit moment in een ‘overgangsperiode’ (nog steeds?)
Dit vonden we terug als informatie:

Non UK operators

If you are an unmanned aircraft operator from overseas and want to carry out work in the UK, then you must register as a UK operator and comply with the same requirements that would apply if you were based in the UK.

There is some scope for valid national documents relating to operator certification, remote pilot competency or even national operational authorisations to be accepted by the CAA as part of a risk assessment. This is particularly the case where the regulatory environment in the UAS operator’s parent country is similar to that of the UK (e.g. EU Member States).

En ook (met de nadruk op commerciële vluchten):

UK Drone Laws for Foreign Operators

If you are an unmanned aircraft operator from overseas and want to carry out work in the UK, the CAA will normally be able to grant permissions to foreign operators, on the basis that you are able to satisfy the same basic safety requirements that are required for UK based operators.

This will depend on the evidence of ‘remote pilot competency’ that the applicant is able to provide and the location(s) where the flying is to take place. Please note that the approvals/qualifications from other nations are not ‘automatically’ accepted as being valid. In order to fly in the UK, you must be in possession of a valid UK permission if the type of flight that you are conducting requires one. Each application is considered on its own merits, but we will take the details of your own national approval/qualification into account when determining your application and the conditions that are set within the permission.

Hoe wij dit begrijpen:
– je zal moeten registreren in UK als UAS operator (onze leden melden dat dit ergens rond de 9 pond kost). Je registreert nergens je drone, enkel de operator.
– je zal met je huidige ‘evenwaardige’ Europese certificaten (waarschijnlijk) mogen vliegen.